Detailed engineering

Detailed Engineering is the final preparation stage for the construction of a new facility, or the upgrading or renovation of an existing one. Documentation, drawings and complete process specifications prepared during the detailed engineering stage are sent to the equipment suppliers and contractors who will perform construction and installation works, for execution of relevant contracts.

How do we do this?

  • We conduct detailed engineering simulations
  • We prepare detailed drawings and process flow diagrams
  • We prepare specifications for the equipment and systems
  • We conduct detailed general construction calculations (for foundations, supports, walkways, fencing, etc.)
  • We prepare detailed process flow documentation
  • We prepare detailed general construction documentation (buildings, cable ducts, foundations, etc.)
  • We set core procedures by types of works
  • We prepare reports on project management and engineering works
  • We prepare and conduct equipment inspections and acceptance
  • We perform work quality control, quality assurance