Feasibility studies

A feasibility study (FS) is required for optimization of the project cost and quality, and achievement of a reasonable ratio between costs and risks when making project implementation decisions.
The FS allows the following to be determined in detail: project objectives, possible marketing strategies, probable market share, facilities, location, use of existing raw materials, appropriate technologies and equipment, investment boundaries, sales income, and other parameters needed for making an investment decision. If the project appears not to be viable after the review of all alternative options, this will be recorded with provision of a relevant rationale that prevents misinvestment.

How do we do this?

  • We verify benchmark data on the project and deliverables
  • We prepare general engineering solutions for the project, select its core process equipment and materials
  • We prepare preliminary specifications for volumes of works, equipment and materials for the project
  • We establish basic requirements for the equipment, materials, systems, quality, safety, etc.
  • We establish general procedures for the project (including design of supplies, construction, numeration and execution of documentation)
  • We select potential suppliers in advance
  • And finally, we perform general commercial evaluation of the project