Installation supervision, start up and commissioning

Coordination of equipment operation at all production limits and assurance of smooth production flow is needed to launch the project. Installation supervision guarantees that any processing facilities will be well selected, installed and set up, and that minor flaws that were not taken into account during their production will be eliminated. Such consulting service is often underestimated by production units, which may potentially result in improper equipment installation and setup, extra financial costs and wasted time. HEADrus is experienced in commissioning complex manufacturing systems. All operations have been brought to perfection, our staff is ready to deal with emergencies and failures. We have prepared our own procedure for the arrangement of works and workflows. Once the work is done, our Customers receive installations completely ready for commissioning.

How do we do this?

  • Professional consulting when choosing and buying equipment
  • Checking of goods’ condition during transportation
  • General checking upon delivery and installation
  • Preliminary visual inspection and checkup
  • Setup and adjustment of the equipment’s operation upon its commissioning