Basic engineering

Basic engineering includes core engineering simulations and solutions that define the equipment configuration and parameters, Its layout in accordance with the volume and range of products. This stage is the basis for the rest of the project implementation stages, as all internal and external factors that have impact on the project overall are reviewed. The deliverables of basic engineering are the flowchart, layout, utility consumption and specifications for the equipment on the basis of which the project cost is determined.

How do we do this?

  • We conduct a detailed inspection of the site
  • We conduct project engineering simulations
  • We select and arrange process equipment
  • We prepare core process flow documentation
  • We create a concept and design the configuration of engineering equipment (including management systems, gas supply, electric power supply, communications, ventilation, water supply and sewerage system, fire extinguishing system)
  • We prepare construction documentation (including equipment layouts and cross-section views, general layout of areas)
  • We choose potential suppliers of the equipment
  • We formulate the quality control and safety procedure